Fujitsu Manchester AGM report

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s Annual General Meeting.
Members discussed the output of last week’s talks, which Amicus had made available in advance.
The following motion was agreed:

In pursuit of a fair settlement to our dispute, we will continue to develop the three forms of pressure our campaign relies on:
1. The industrial action itself
2. External pressure (customers, MPs, media etc)
3. Helping staff on other Fujitsu sites get organised
Throughout our campaign, the active participation of members has been vital to putting pressure on Fujitsu.
We will seek to balance activities which put pressure on the company with those that increase the moral, financial and practical support we are receiving.
Specifically, our plans include:

  1. We will continue our action short of strike.
  2. We plan to strike on Wednesday 7th March, and call on Amicus to organise transport to take us, our families, friends and supporters to London where we will present our parliamentary petition and put pressure on Fujitsu via MPs.
  3. We plan to strike from Monday 12th March to Wednesday 14th March, when we will focus on visiting other Fujitsu sites and touring workplaces to raise support.
  4. On Saturday 17th March we will organise protests focussing on one Fujitsu customer, in Manchester and elsewhere.
  5. We plan to strike on Tuesday 20th March, when we will focus our campaign on Fujitsu customers.
  6. We plan to strike on Wednesday 28th March to Friday 30th March, when we will focus on visiting other Fujitsu sites and touring workplaces to raise support.
  7. We plan to strike on Wednesday 4th April, when we will focus our campaign on Fujitsu customers.

We stand by our earlier decision that we should continue to be available for dispute talks at any time, but that reps should not suspend the action unless there is tangible evidence of good prospects of success, to avoid further time-wasting.
We call on Amicus to:

  1. Provide further contributions to our strike fund
  2. Confirm Dispute Benefit for all strike days during this dispute
  3. Step up assistance for our efforts to organise across Fujitsu
  4. Step up assistance for our efforts on external campaigning

Members discussed campaign plans and were urged to talk to colleagues, collect and return petition signatures in time for Wednesday, and to commit to the various planned activities so that arrangements can be made.
Members received pay scale information.
The following were elected:

  1. Nikki Aldridge (MAN34)
  2. Ian Allinson (MAN34)
  3. Dean Burn (MAN34)
  4. Jackie Cook (MAN33)
  5. Dave Francis (MAN33)
  6. Isabel Hay (MAN34)
  7. Lynne Hodge (MAN33)
  8. Sulayman Munir (MAN35)
  9. Zahid Ramzan (MAN35)
  10. Phil Tepper (MAN34)
  11. Michael Thomas (MAN33)

Health & Safety Reps

  1. Ian Allinson (MAN34)
  2. Alan Child (MAN34)
  3. Kevin M Davies (MAN34)
  4. Lynne Hodge (MAN33)
  5. Iswar Mistry (MAN33)
  6. Dennis Morris (MAN35)
  7. Dave Parkinson (MAN34)
  8. Zahid Ramzan (MAN35)
  9. Colin Robinson (MAN35/HOM99)
  10. Andy C Smith (MAN34)
  11. Phil Tepper (MAN34)

Union Learning Reps

  1. Pauline Bradburn (MAN35)
  2. Dean Burn (MAN34)
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Sign the petition – defend the union

Unite members working for Fujitsu Services Limited in the Manchester bargaining unit have voted for more industrial action over compulsory redundancies, victimisation of reps and breaches of agreements. This follows 27 previous days of strike action.

Strike days announced so far are:

  • Wed 24 – Fri 26 Jan 2018
  • Tue 30 Jan 2018
  • Thu 8 Feb – Wed 14 Feb 2018

Further information is available here including a downloadable appeal for support leaflet and how to donate to our strike fund.

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