Thames Valley Delegation Report

• STN02 & BSN02 leafleted
• Stickers given out
• Leaflet given to a member of the company “negotatiating” team (he wouldn’t take a sticker)
• Money collected and more promised
We left just after the strike committee on Monday arriving in London around 8:30, after a good meal and chat down the local we turned in quite late.
On Tuesday Morning we left early and leafleted STN02. The site is on a private estate with communal road and an ideal place to leaflet. Interestingly the security Wallahs only poked their head out of the door to see what was going but we weren’t challenged. We gave out lots of stickers and even more leaflets. We were joined on the leaflet for an hour by a local Amicus senior rep, despite the fact that HR have tried to ban him personally from leafleting inside unless they’ve approved the leaflet (they never have).
In general we had support from STN02, one lad even offered to fetch some teas. We got the odd drive by with the nose stuck to the car roof but we stopped many people, probably even the majority. Even now many of those didn’t know of the dispute, but they do now!
We had a trip to Cable St. (those scratching their heads should look at their school history books under Mosley). Then after as fast walk along the Wharfs of Wapping we returned to The Quaker’s meeting house at Euston for the meeting of the Amicus London Gazette. There were some 20 – 30 people there, the meeting being rearranged at short notice. They raised a good collection and we had a promise of more. Then back home for a fish and chip supper and another late night.
Wednesday morning we went to Basingstoke – it was good to see the old place again. On arrival we handed out some leaflets and stickers before a tin-pot … arrived. He ordered us to get off of company property (that is remove the placards from the bush!) and informed us he’d called the police. Now, I’m not one to be intimidated by an … who barely reached my armpits. We pointed out the legalities, told him of the compliant Amicus made at Stevenage, put the placards in the soft grass verge so every one could see them, not just those entering… and continued leafleting. He then declared that we could carry on leafleting but he wasn’t going to let anyone stop! Then began a bizarre spectacle of us on the pavement waving leaflets and the … in the middle of the drive waving his arms about. He was relieved after 10 of 15 minutes by one of his staff in a yellow coat (he was in his short sleeved white shirt and had rather fetching blue lips by this time). After another 30 minutes of this he stormed out and said we were standing on the road and it was a health and safety issue, again he said he would call the police. I offered to do this if he didn’t. He retreated in but not before turning and saying “sorry this is not personal but I have my PERSONAL orders”. We stayed there until 10:00, they changed their guard every 30mins.
People on the passing road slowed to see what was going on. Those that did come in were confronted by an arm waiving yellow coated guard, as well as us waving leaflets and stickers at them. Quite a few stopped but mainly to find out what was happening. As soon as they open the window they were presented with a leaflet and offered a sticker – many accepted. When the traffic got bad then the security guard wheeze really fell down. They frantically waiving to keep people moving but each car stopping to ask what was happening. A number of people came back out just to talk to us and we handed out many leaflets.
We even had one woman who stopped and wound down her window and refused to go in until she’d spoken to us. She refused to “cross a picket line” – we explained we weren’t a picket, she should go in and that the best thing she could do is wear a sticker and leave her leaflet about.
At 10:00 we told the on duty guard we were leaving and we left on good terms.

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Unite members working for Fujitsu Services Limited in the Manchester bargaining unit have voted for more industrial action over compulsory redundancies, victimisation of reps and breaches of agreements. This follows 27 previous days of strike action.

Strike days announced so far are:

  • Wed 24 – Fri 26 Jan 2018
  • Tue 30 Jan 2018
  • Thu 8 Feb – Wed 14 Feb 2018
  • Thu 22 Feb
  • Sat 24- Wed 28 Feb 2018
  • Fri 16 – Wed 21 Mar
  • Thu 29 Mar – Fri 6 Apr 2018

Further information is available here including a downloadable appeal for support leaflet and how to donate to our strike fund.

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