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Following the passing of the deadline for people to opt-out of Salary Swap, the company has confirmed to UNITE that they are reviewing the scheme prior to the summer election period.
UNITE reps will be writing to the company to seek discussions as part of the review, with the aim of ensuring that the problems with the scheme are ironed out as soon as possible.
Whether you’ve opted out or not, please continue to make your feelings known through your management and HR. The number of people who have already done so has already been instrumental in ensuring that the review will take place.
In our notice of 22nd January we had highlighted a particular issue affecting employees who opted out of salary swap who had previously declined medical benefit. Though UNITE had raised this with the company, they seem to be making the issue worse rather than better at the moment.
HRdirect are telling some (but not all) of those who declined medical benefit that they will be forced to have it if they have opted out of Salary Swap. This means the company is insisting on handing over its own money to AXA PPP for a service the employee doesn’t want and costing the employee extra tax in the process.
It appears that the company is prepared the throw away money in order to try to penalise those who have opted out of Salary Swap.
It is particularly outrageous given that quite a few of those who declined medical benefit did so for ethical reasons (opposition to private healthcare). The facility to decline the benefit has nothing to do with Salary Swap and has been available since medical benefit was first introduced.
No wonder some people are starting to call “Your Choices” “Poor Choices”.
If you had declined medical benefit, please contact your rep for individual advice. The withdrawal of the facility to decline the benefit may be a breach of contract and certainly involves a financial loss.

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Sign the petition – defend the union

Unite members working for Fujitsu Services Limited in the Manchester bargaining unit have voted for more industrial action over compulsory redundancies, victimisation of reps and breaches of agreements. This follows 27 previous days of strike action.

Strike days announced so far are:

  • Wed 24 – Fri 26 Jan 2018
  • Tue 30 Jan 2018
  • Thu 8 Feb – Wed 14 Feb 2018

Further information is available here including a downloadable appeal for support leaflet and how to donate to our strike fund.

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