ICL Pension Members Committee Elections

If you’re a member of the ICL Defined Benefit pensions scheme, you need good representation on the “ICL Pension Members’ Committee” (IPMC) which gives members a voice over the running of the scheme.
This is particularly important at the moment, when the company is discussing with the IPMC its concerns about the cost and risk of providing our pensions.
The term of office for your elected IPMC representatives ends in May 2008. The Company is therefore seeking nominations for representatives for the next four years.
If you might be interested in standing for election (or if you’ve already sent in your nomination form), UNITE wants to hear from you as soon as possible. The deadline for nominations is to be received by the company 5pm on 7th May 2008.
What is the IPMC committee?
The committee is open to members of the ICL Pension Plan Defined Benefit Section. Its main task is to discuss with Fujitsu Services any issues relating to our final salary pensions. In recent years this has included the effects of pension legislation and related tax legislation, the progress towards paying off the deficit, the impact of Salary Swap, and informal conversations about how the scheme might change in response to members’ needs and preferences and the company’s desire to keep costs and risks under control.
IPMC minutes are published on the IPMC community on CafeVIK and give an indication of what is being discussed and the frequency of meetings.
Two UNITE reps in Manchester who are not IPMC members are also being briefed in more detail on the internal discussions the IPMC is having at the moment. We hope this will help the union to be better prepared should any proposals for changing the scheme emerge.
There are 12 seats on the committee for contributing members, plus three pensioners’ reps (who are currently not up for re-election). The constituencies are:

Thames Valley (including Slough, Staines and Winnersh)
Scotland, North East & Midlands
West (including Wales, West Country, South Coast, Bristol and Basingstoke)
Northern Ireland
South (including Feltham and Lewes)
North West (including Crewe and Warrington but not Manchester)
Area11 (2 seats)
HOM99 & Overseas (HOM98)

To protect all our pensions, we want to ensure that there are good candidates that all trade unionists can support for each of the seats, and to avoid a situation where union members stand against each other.
If you are thinking of standing or would like to know more, please get in touch as soon as possible. We would particularly like to hear from potential candidates for the Thames Valley constituency, as we know that the existing representative (Robert Dimmick, also a UNITE rep) is retiring and not standing for re-election.
One of the benefits of having union members on a body such as the IPMC is that UNITE can provide training on the more specialist aspects of all this, as well as giving you access to expert advice and support.
An ideal rep would also be:

  • A good communicator
  • A team player
  • Able to treat confidential information responsibly, while resisting unjustified demands for confidentiality
  • Prepared to stand up to the Company under pressure, when necessary
  • Numerate
  • Aware of pensions legislation and how pensions work
  • Aware of the business and financial environment
  • Willing to consider the interests of different groups of members (including those that he/she is not a member of)

Please come forward – your life after work could depend on it.
Completed Nomination forms for these posts need to be received by the company 5pm on 7th May 2008.

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