A “stage 1” grievance meeting was held on 4th February to discuss the outstanding concerns and questions raised by UNITE in relation to the new Rise+ job and pay structure for helpdesk staff in TSS1, TSS2 and TSM1 roles.
Following the meeting, the company sent UNITE the following “position statement”:

Position Statement on RISE+
Our approach to development within role in our Service Desk operation has for many years developed through the D1-D4 framework. This framework looked at capabilities and exampled at each level how an employee could progress their capability.
Approximately 18 months ago, we looked at improving D1-D4 through linking more comprehensively to the company competencies and the role specific technical and behavioural competencies. This review involved people from our desks, the HR team, and our People Development Advisers. A pilot was launched and a roll- out plan for RISE+ created.
Across the UK our Desks have embraced this approach and feedback informs us that our employees:
· Appreciate the transparency on recognising achievement
· Like the Desk profiles and the examples of capability at each level, illustrating how personal development within a role can occur
· Understand how the information collated assists in the performance plus processes on appraisal and personal development planning
· Can link their individual capability to the delivery of results
In Manchester D1-D4 has been the bedrock for development and pay review, in Service Desks. It is recognised following feedback and meetings with your Unite Representatives that applying the new RISE+ approach at a time of pay negotiation in Manchester could concern some people. As a result of the issues raised and discussed we have taken the decision to de-link RISE+ from our pay planning process this year and concentrate on using it for its primary purpose – staff development. The result of this is that we will, as in previous years, utilise the D1-D4 approach to feed into our pay planning process.
RISE+ has been integral to the appraisal discussions and the data collected will be invaluable for this year’s personal development planning and discussions our employees have with their managers throughout the year.
We are committed to working with Unite on the replacement of D1-D4 with RISE+ and linking it to the reward processes in future years.
Debbie Stirrop & Richard Batty – Customer Services

This means that there will be time to iron out the remaining issues with RISE+ before it is introduced for pay purposes in Manchester, and that the company will use the D1-4 system for the April pay review.
If you are on the D1-4 system (typically helpdesk staff in TSS1, TSS2 and TSM1 roles) it is vitally important that you know which D1-4 level you are on, to ensure you are paid correctly. If your capability has improved since your level was last reviewed, you should ensure your manager reviews this with you as soon as possible.
For reference, the D1-4 pay scales from the 2008 pay review were:
TSS1: £14,500 – £16,500
D1 (min) 14,500 / D2 (min) 15,000 / D3 (min) 15,500 / D4 (min) 16,000
TSS2: £16,500 – £18,500
D1 (min) 16,500 / D2 (min) 17,000 / D3 (min) 17,500 / D4 (min) 18,000
Team Manager: £21,000 – £29,000
D1 (min) 21,000 / D2 (min) 23,000 / D3 (min) 25,000 / D4 (min) 27,000
The company also committed:
D1-D4 scales are based on capability (including performance) as set out in the level descriptions. Work not being available at the level of capability of the employee’s capability is not a reason for refusing progression up the levels. Employees will never be moved down their D1-4 scale unless this is a disciplinary sanction. Employees will be paid within the band for their scale, discounting any consolidated disturbance allowance as set out above.

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