Redundancy Update & Reminders

Redeploy into P&PM?
The company has just published a process detailing how people selected for Compulsory Redundancy can seek redeployment into P&PM (Programme and Project Management). Successful applicants could potentially replace someone in P&PM whose application for Voluntary Redundancy was turned down, enabling them to leave. See document “PPM Application Process” available on the Redundancy Consultation SharePoint site here.
Please let us know if you use this process to try to secure a role in P&PM.
Pairing reminder
(This repeats part of our 23rd November newsletter)
This link shows a list of members who have sent us their details to publicise to other members. Can you help find a job for any of the members listed in section A? Section B lists members keen to take VR if a suitable replacement can be found to take their job.
We’ve only included names where the member confirmed explicitly that they were happy for us to do so. If you can help, please contact the member directly where their name is shown, or contact us quoting the Reference code from the first column.
If you’re currently at risk of CR and are seeking redeployment, then if you’ve not already done so please send a short note including your name, your current role code, what role code(s) you would be interested in, any specific skills you want to highlight, any geographical restrictions on jobs you’d take, and whether you want us to keep your name confidential.
Similarly, if you’re seeking VR but haven’t yet been accepted and want to publicise your job to members seeking redeployment, mail us with details of your role code and current job (you may already have submitted this info to the Company’s pairing process), and whether you want your name withheld.
Deadlines imminent!
Remember that the deadline is now 30th November – TODAY – for those selected for CR to opt to extend their employment to 31st January 2010. To do this, go into “HR Performance + online”, then select to go to the Online Appraisal System, then select the Redundancy option.
The same deadline – by 5pm today – applies if you want to express interest in transferring some or all of your redundancy payment into your pension fund. Details of how to do this can be found on the Redundancy Consultation Sharepoint site (Questions, Answers and Factsheets), within the “Transferring Redundancy Payments into Pensions Guide” document).

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Sign the petition – defend the union

Unite members across Fujitsu Services Limited in the UK are fighting over job security, for union recognition, against victimisation of reps, and over pay and pensions. Members nationally took industrial from 28 February including 15 days of strikes and ongoing action short of strike, after 12 days of local strikes in Manchester.

INDUSTRIAL ACTION IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED but members have voted by 92% to reject a company offer.

Further information is available here including a downloadable appeal for support leaflet and how to donate to our strike fund.

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