There is a lot of activity in relation to both the ICL Defined Benefit and FJUK (Defined Contribution) pension schemes.
The ICL DB trustee has appointed two Member Nominated Directors, Nick Cullen and John Lillywhite, as explained in this announcement. Thanks to the UNITE members who applied to be trustees but were not selected.
The FJUK plan has now announced that it is seeking candidates to fill a vacancy as a Member Nominated Director. If you are willing to apply you must submit your nomination form so that it is received by Lindsay Hawkins by 5pm on 31 January 2012. The plan looks after vast sums of employees’ money, so the directors have a very important role to play. Members are encouraged to consider applying. UNITE can provide additional support and training.
Just as UNITE highlighted in relation to the ICL DB plan, it is disappointing that the FJUK trustee has decided to use a process that gives members of the plan no say in the selection of the “member nominated” directors. Instead the selection panel is selected by the existing directors, the majority of whom were selected by the company, despite the fact that Fujitsu has no money invested in the plan.
One of UNITE’s great successes in 2010-11 was the creation of a new, democratic consultation group for the FJUK pension plan. The first meeting will take place before the end of March 2012, so there is some urgency in selecting the representatives who will sit on it:

  • 2 from Fujitsu Voice
  • 2 from PCS
  • 2 from UNITE
  • 4 directly elected by active members of the FJUK plan

Your reps would urgently like to hear from any member with an interest in pensions who might be willing to play a part in the consultation group. Training can be provided.

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Sign the petition – defend the union

Unite members across Fujitsu Services Limited in the UK are fighting over job security, for union recognition, against victimisation of reps, and over pay and pensions. Members nationally took industrial from 28 February including 15 days of strikes and ongoing action short of strike, after 12 days of local strikes in Manchester.

INDUSTRIAL ACTION IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED but members have voted by 92% to reject a company offer.

Further information is available here including a downloadable appeal for support leaflet and how to donate to our strike fund.

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