New Offer and Friday’s Manchester Members Meeting

Following further negotiations, Fujitsu made the following offer to UNITE today, for Friday’s meeting:

Fujitsu Offer to UNITE, 20th January 2012
Since the agreement reached between Fujitsu and Unite on 3rd October 2011, significant progress has been made on all the elements of the dispute. Fujitsu and UNITE recognise the effort and commitment demonstrated by both parties towards developing a positive ongoing working relationship.
If UNITE members vote on 20th January 2012 to accept this proposal and end the current industrial action, Fujitsu will implement the agreement set out below.

  1. Employees will suffer no recrimination or detriment for participation in industrial action and/or Unite’s campaign beyond deduction of pay for any days they have been on strike, irrespective of whether or not their action takes place within the 12-week period from the start of industrial action.
  2. Each party will continue to field the team of its choice.
  3. Both parties want a better future relationship which is built on trust, and are committed to honouring all agreements until any changes are agreed, including in respect of the “status quo”. For clarity Status Quo means: That status quo will be maintained on all matters except where jointly agreed that it is in both parties interest to move more quickly. If the company is concerned that the status quo is being abused, or that restoring the status quo could have a disproportionate impact on the business, the company will raise this with UNITE with a view to reaching a resolution.
  4. Both parties are committed to resolving issues promptly, and by agreement where possible.
  5. The parties have successfully resolved the position of Mr Jenney through the services of ACAS to both parties’ satisfaction.
  6. In line with the agreement made on 3rd Oct 2011 Fujitsu published a statement on the FJUK website to implement the contractual status of the terms of the FJUK pension plan for all existing UK employees.
  7. Fujitsu remains committed to fulfilling the agreement made with ACAS in February 2010 and has agreed that a FJUK Pensions Consultation body will be established and that this will include representation from Unite. An initial meeting with all parties was held to discuss a draft Terms of Reference (ToR) which have now been agreed. The Company agreed that the first meeting will take place prior to 31st March 2012.
  8. Fujitsu has provided further pay information and responded to a number of the queries raised by Unite. Fujitsu will continue to work with Unite to provide any outstanding data.
  9. Fujitsu and UNITE have been working together to resolve the issues in the WINTEL team through the agreed “collective issues” procedure. For those individuals where Fujitsu and UNITE have already established agreed Out Of Hours payment terms, they will be paid on the Unsocial Hours Policy (UHP) for work from 1st October to 30th November 2011 and on the agreed terms thereafter. For those individuals where agreed Out Of Hours terms have not yet been established, they will be paid on the UHP until terms are agreed or the collective issues procedure is exhausted (i.e. the status quo applies). The parties will strive to resolve all the issues, including rotas, which remain the subject of the collective issues procedure, as quickly as practicable while recognising that the status quo applies.
  10. Fujitsu has issued letters to all employees contractually based at MAN23 to start their Redeployment Priority Periods (RPP).
  11. As part of the shared commitments to improving communication and create more productive relationships, the Joint Working Group (JWG) has been re-instated and the first meeting was held on 17th October. A schedule of meetings has been confirmed for the 12 months ahead and the JWG continues to meet on a monthly basis. The Company team has senior representation from three of our key business areas: currently End User Services, Hosting & Network Services and Technology Product Group.
  12. Jay Lieberman – progress made but details withheld as personal to the individual.
  13. Fujitsu has confirmed Stuart Broadbelt as the senior business manager who will be involved in industrial relations and act as an escalation point.
  14. The Company will meet with Unite at a National level to discuss matters of mutual interest within 2 months of the suspension of industrial action. This meeting took place on November 21st 2011.
  15. A new process for Fujitsu to produce and provide accurate lists of who is in scope of the Manchester Recognition Agreement has been agreed and it will continue to be monitored and reviewed going forward.
  16. In accordance with section 8.2 of the Recognition Agreement, Fujitsu will consult UNITE should it wish to introduce new terms and conditions for Out Of Hours for existing or new employees in the bargaining unit. Consultation with Unite on the proposed implementation of the UK Interim Out of Hours Guidelines will commence on 30th January 2012.
    Fujitsu and Unite continue to jointly review the Out Of Hours terms for all employees in the bargaining unit currently recorded as being on the UK or IS interim guidelines. This activity will be completed by 31st January 2012. Individuals affected by this review will have received a letter explaining the terms that they are entitled to and will be paid on until consultation is complete. If individuals have evidence (e.g. previous contractual terms, previous terms recorded on the HR database, or previous payments on other terms) that they have been moved onto incorrect terms they have the opportunity to provide this and have the terms corrected where appropriate.
    New employees joining between the date of this agreement and the conclusion of consultation will be aligned to the most common out of hours terms (excluding interim guidelines and NOELIG) for others in the bargaining unit in their team or division on a temporary basis until consultation is complete, at which point they will transfer to terms determined via consultation as appropriate. This approach also applies to existing employees with no defined Out Of Hours terms who start working Out Of Hours.
  17. All D1-D4 and Rise+ documentation has been published under document change control. The company will hold employees’ D1-D4 and/or Rise+ levels on the HR Database and make them visible via Self Service by the end of January 2012. Any consequent changes to the Manchester Pay and Benefits Agreement will be made by the end of February 2012.
  18. In relation to the 2011 pay review:
    1. A number of individuals had raised specific queries with regard to their pay increase under the Manchester Pay And Benefits Agreement on 1st August 2011. Fujitsu have implemented corrections as set out in the email from the Company to Unite sent on the 14th November 2011 titled: ‘2011 Pay Review- Individual Post Implementation Queries – Company Responses’. These increases were included in the December 2011 payroll and backdated to 1st August 2011.
    2. A working session between UNITE and Company representatives (which included someone with access to HRA data along with someone capable of modelling the data) was held on 14th December and jointly established the extent of the remaining under-spend relating to those in the Manchester bargaining unit at 1st August 2011. UNITE and the Company will continue to work on implementation of the agreed actions from the working session.

If Unite ends all industrial action in Fujitsu on 20th January 2012, publicises the fact, and encourages employees to work normally:

  1. Within a week Fujitsu will publish on the FJUK CafeVIK site and the Benefits section of the Reward & Recognition CafeVIK site the new statement on the contractual status of Defined Contribution pensions for UK employees agreed on 17th November 2011 and which is effective immediately.
  2. Fujitsu and UNITE have now agreed the size of the under-spend on the August 2011 pay review for the Manchester bargaining unit. The under-spend will be distributed as follows:
    1. The 12 people in the bargaining unit who received no pay rise on 1st August 2011 will receive an increase to annual salary of £225 or 1% of their 31st July 2011 salary, whichever is greater
    2. The remaining 768 people who were in the bargaining unit on 1st August 2011, are still in the company and who didn’t have a PAC of U or P will receive an increase to annual salary of £29

    All figures are Full Time Equivalent. All increases will be effective from 1st August 2011, and will be paid from the February 2012 payroll, including back pay.

  3. The proposed Facilities Agreement (time for reps to carry out their responsibilities) included in the agreement reached on 17th November 2011 will come into immediate effect and will constitute a revised Annex 2 to the Manchester Recognition Agreement.
  4. Stuart Broadbelt will meet with Unite by mid-February 2012 to discuss establishing regular communication at a national level.
  5. Within six months, both parties will suggest any changes they would like to the agreements and negotiations will take place as appropriate.

Members will decide whether to accept this offer at the Manchester members’ meeting on Friday:

10:00 – 12:00, Friday 20th January 2012
MAN35 canteen

Please do your utmost to attend and encourage colleagues to do the same.

Members are entitled to attend the meeting in work time. If your manager might need to arrange cover for while you attend, it is important that you ask them now to confirm your release. If you have any difficulty securing release, please contact your rep immediately. If you leave this until the last minute, reps may not be able to resolve this for you.

The offer refers to the parts relating to pensions and facility time in the agreement reached on 17th November 2011, which can be found on our web site, along with the agreed Terms of Reference for the new FJUK Pension Consultation Group.
Look out for further details of the members’ meeting, which will be circulated soon.
Election of additional reps
If the offer is accepted, the new “Annex 2” agreement on facility time for reps to work on your behalf will come into effect immediately. This will lead to:

  1. A reduction in the time available to our most active reps
  2. A removal of the limit on the number of reps

To ensure that the quality of representation continues to improve, UNITE is therefore asking you to consider volunteering to be elected as a rep at Friday’s members’ meeting.

What does volunteering mean?

  • You would not be expected to step into the role of an experienced rep – we need lots of people contributing what they can
  • Reps training is provided and the reps work as a team supporting each other
  • Reps are allowed paid time in work to carry out their responsibilities
  • Being a rep can be challenging, but it is also rewarding – you can help make Fujitsu a better place to work
  • Reps can choose to take on a variety of different roles, rather than trying to do everything. Areas we would like to get more people involved in include:
    • Helping with admin, action tracking, planning etc
    • Organising the distribution of union notices
    • Writing newsletter articles
    • Organising induction events for new staff
    • Administering web sites
    • Working on one specific issue you care about, e.g.
      • Pensions
      • Analysing pay data
      • Equality
      • Out Of Hours (overtime, shift, standby, callout) arrangements
      • Use and treatment of agency temps
      • Company cars
      • Bonus and incentive schemes
      • Health & Safety
      • Learning, training and development
      • Environmental issues

If you are interested in volunteering to be a UNITE rep, please email your reps as soon as possible, so that one of the existing team can discuss this with you prior to Friday’s members’ meeting.
Can you persuade someone else to stand who you think could make a useful contribution?

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Unite members working for Fujitsu Services Limited in the Manchester bargaining unit have taken 32 strike days over compulsory redundancies, victimisation of reps and breaches of agreements. This follows 27 previous days of strike action.

Industrial action is currently suspended but the fight continues.

Further information is available here including a downloadable appeal for support leaflet and how to donate to our strike fund.

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