Manchester: Report from members’ meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the members’ meeting today, which took some important decisions.  There is a summary below.  Following the meeting reps discussed some of the suggestions made and have planned some activities on Tuesday – please lend a hand – see the end of the report for details.
Pay Report
Members voted to acceptOFFER 1”, which updates the 2011 Manchester Pay And Benefits Agreement to deal with the transition of Service Desks staff from the D1-D4 pay system to Rise+, incorporates some points from a separate agreement on disclosure of information for collective bargaining and tidies up a few other areas.  The agreement on Rise+ is a significant achievement resulting from work over more than two years and which benefits Service Desk staff across the UK.
The company also made an “OFFER 2”, which also included company proposals for the August 2012 pay review and a variety of other changes.  This offer was based on the company’s plans for the standard pay review outside the bargaining unit.  Members voted to rejectOFFER 2” and made a variety of comments about it.  Key points were that:

  • it included no “Cost Of Living” element, despite 98% of employees who responded to our survey wanting one
  • it included no PAC-related element, despite 74% of employees who responded to our survey wanting one
  • it made a range of detrimental changes to other parts of the Manchester Pay And Benefits Agreement, rather than making gradual improvements as sought in the claim

There were aspects of the company proposals that members liked, such as focussing spending on lower paid employees and “management discretion” playing a smaller role.  Members recognised that this year’s pay review represented significant progress for those outside the bargaining unit.
Following the meeting reps have now signed OFFER 1 on behalf of UNITE so it is now effective and will be published on our web sites soon.  As a result of members rejecting OFFER 2 reps will register a “Failure To Agree” at stage 1 of the pay negotiations which will proceed as follows:
Stage 2:

  • Negotiations: Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st June
  • Company offer to UNITE by: Thursday 21st June
  • UNITE members’ meeting and response to offer: Friday 22nd June

Stage 3 (if required):

  • Negotiations: Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd July
  • Company offer to UNITE by: Friday 6th July
  • UNITE members’ meeting and response to offer Friday 13th July

Members were reminded to comment on the draft proposal on minimum benefit levels that was sent out on 11th June so that any issues can be corrected before the proposal is put to management on Tuesday.
There was a discussion about the company’s approach to agency workers (temps), which seems to have deteriorated significantly in recent weeks.  Agency workers are encouraged to join UNITE and the union is preparing specific campaign materials linking the treatment of agency workers and directly employed (i.e. permanent) staff.
Other Issues
Reps reported the success in preventing the dismissal of the two employees still at risk of redundancy from the BAS and Business Ops redundancies, who are still at risk and seeking redeployment.
Members are urged to complete and return the “Move Survey” which has been distributed across the site, and to encourage colleagues to do the same.
Next Steps
The next members’ meeting will decide whether to accept the company’s stage 2 pay offer:

1:30 – 3:00pm, Friday 22nd June
MAN35 canteen

This is also the meeting where all Fujitsu Manchester reps are elected for the coming year.  Please do your utmost to attend and take part in the important decisions.  A good turnout also shows the company that members care about the outcome of the pay negotiations and makes good offers more likely.
If you are willing to stand for election, please contact us as soon as possible including:

  • Your name
  • Where you are standing for election (e.g. site, bargaining unit)
  • Your contractual base location
  • What position(s) you are standing for: Workplace Rep, Health & Safety Rep, Learning Rep, Equality Rep, Environmental Rep
  • Fujitsu email address
  • Private email address (if you have one)
  • Phone number(s)
  • Optionally, a statement of up to 100 words explaining why members should elect you (examples available on request)

There was an extensive discussion about how staff can help encourage the company to engage constructively in pay negotiations and address other issues such as those highlighted in the move survey.  Members made a wide range of suggestions which reps have begun to discuss in more detail.
As an initial step, UNITE is organising an activity for employees to express their views on pay.  This will be taking place in the MAN34 canteen from 11:30 to 14:00 on Tuesday 19th June (the first day of the stage 2 pay talks).  Please come along in your break, have a look and take part.  Encourage colleagues to come too.

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Unite members working for Fujitsu Services Limited in the Manchester bargaining unit have taken 32 strike days over compulsory redundancies, victimisation of reps and breaches of agreements. This follows 27 previous days of strike action.

Industrial action is currently suspended but the fight continues.

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