Unite dossier on Fujitsu pay inequality – 2017

Unite publishes its dossier on unequal pay in Fujitsu today to coincide with Equal pay day in the UK and a year after Unite published the first dossier on unequal pay.

Whilst some progress has been made both in terms of Fujitsu releasing it’s own report of the gender pay gap and stated intention of carrying out an Equal Pay Audit, there is still a long way to go to fully address the issues.

The summary of the dossier reads

The latest company accounts show the top director of Fujitsu Services Limited, the main UK company, receiving £1,635,000 – more than 100 times the salary of its lowest paid staff. Fujitsu’s pay inequality is worse than the general UK labour market. Analysis of median Fujitsu salaries (IRS) against Fujitsu’s view of market rates (MRS) shows that Fujitsu generally pays workers in lower paid jobs less than market rates and workers in the highest paid jobs above market rates. Anyone would think the highest paid people were taking the decisions.

Fujitsu recently published a report (https://goo.gl/J29ssx) showing that its Gender Pay Gap (GPG) was 16.7% (mean) and 17.9% (median), while the gap on bonus was 40.8% (mean) and 23.6% (median). These figures illustrate the proportion of the average male salary that the average woman misses out on. Fujitsu says that the biggest cause of its GPG is the under-representation of women in better paid senior management, technical and sales roles. However, Unite’s analysis, using data from the Manchester Bargaining Unit, suggests that women are on average paid 1.7% less relative to the IRS for their role compared to men – suggesting that “in role” pay is an issue as well as job segregation.

In addition this data shows that the gender pay gap is far from consistent; demographics plays a significant role, particularly the different age profile of male and female employees. Unite found huge variations with age, with younger women actually getting paid more than men, and between business units, with women within BAS suffering a GPG of 27.1% compared to just 9.3% in EPS. This is particularly striking given that BAS was the area where Unite demonstrated a very strong correlation between gender and redundancy selection in a previous redundancy programme. Fujitsu has addressed this apparent discrimination by refusing to release the equality information associated with the Agenda 2020 redundancy selection.

It is encouraging that Fujitsu has published its report before the statutory deadline, and shared some plans to improve gender diversity. Improving recruitment and promotion processes and putting flexible working policies into practice could make a real difference. However, there are big gaps. Fujitsu’s action plan is focused on getting better use of available workers, not on tackling discrimination in areas such as work allocation with jobs (especially for assignment workers), performance management, pay reviews, benefit allocation and redundancy selection – all of which have large elements of management discretion and potential bias. Fujitsu still shows no interest in addressing the fact that its pay system uses nearly all the “risky practices” identified in the statutory Code of Practice on Equal Pay.

Friday 10 November is Equal Pay Day, the date after which women would be working for free if they were paid at the same hourly rate as men. It was strike action of women union members at Ford Dagenham that led to the introduction of equal pay legislation, which helped reduce the GPG from 36% for full-time workers and 49% for part-time workers in 1970. Within Fujitsu the union has been campaigning over this issue for decades, including supporting several legal cases to force more transparency over pay scales and supporting members with equal pay cases.

The news that Fujitsu intends to carry out an Equal Pay Review this financial year is extremely welcome – they have been promising this for ten years. Unfortunately it is hard for employees have any confidence in the process because it is shrouded in secrecy. Fujitsu abolished Fujitsu Voice, which has meant that employees no longer have access to UK-wide information about pay review outcomes, let alone influence over it. The company refused to agree to the Your Forum replacement covering pay and benefits to the same extent. Unite is having to use rights arising from recognition in Manchester to bring a legal case to force disclosure of UK-wide pay equality information; this case is due to be heard on 4 December. In the meantime, Unite is publishing this updated version of its dossier on pay inequality in Fujitsu based on the information currently available.


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Can you help Unite members at Fujitsu? (updated)

Crowd outside meeting room with posters reading "hands off our reps"

Members protest at Ian Allinson’s redundancy hearing 17.10.2017

Unite members at Fujitsu are fighting for job security, union recognition, decent pay and benefits and against the victimisation of reps. In most of the UK we don’t yet have union recognition so members can only carry out most union activity outside working hours. We are asking for your help with our campaign.


Can you and/or your organisation:

  • Help distribute leaflets as people go into work outside Fujitsu sites in Basingstoke, Belfast, Birmingham, Bracknell, Crewe, Derry, Edinburgh, London, Stevenage, Wakefield or Warrington?
  • Encourage your Unite region to give practical assistance to our campaign?
  • Sign and publicise our online petition against victimisations? https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fujitsu-victimisations
  • Send a message of protest to the Head of Fujitsu Americas and EMEIA Regions, Duncan.Tait@uk.fujitsu.com, copied to support@ourunion.org.uk?
  • Promote our campaign on social media using #FujitsuFightback? We are at www.facebook.com/uniteatfujitsu and www.twitter.com/unitefujitsu
  • Donate towards our campaign? Cheques payable to “Manchester IT Workers Group” can be sent c/o John Wood, 50 Brooklyn Street, Crewe, CW2 7JF. Or transfer online to Account: 00980539, Sort Code: 30-91-48 and email support@ourunion.org.uk with details.

Update 30/10/2017:

  • Sign up with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr (or all three!) to our social media Thunderclap for union recognition and against victimisation of reps
  • Join the protest for union recognition and against victimisation of reps 8:30-10am Wednesday 8 November, Fujitsu, 22 Baker Street, London W1U 3BW (Facebook event)

If you can help with any of this, please get in touch via support@ourunion.org.uk to make arrangements or if you want further information.

Unite members in Fujitsu took national industrial action from 28 February including 15 days of strikes and ongoing action short of strike, after 12 days of local strikes in Manchester.

For more information about the dispute see https://ouruniontest.wordpress.com/fujitsu-national-dispute/

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Fujitsu: stop victimising Unite reps

Lynne Hodge and Ian Allinson

Lynne Hodge & Ian Allinson

Fujitsu is unfairly attempting to target a number of reps, including Ian Allinson, Denis Morris and Lynne Hodge, at the same time as breaking the agreement on reps’ time. Unite has launched a petition to tell Fujitsu management that victimisations and breaches of agreements must stop.

Please sign the petition and share it widely. An injury to one is an injury to all.


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New Unite@Fujitsu national “one per desk” leaflet

There’s a new national “one per desk” leaflet being distributed at Fujitsu sites across the UK. It covers the latest developments in the dispute and lots more news. We are fighting for:

  • A strong national agreement on job security to protect those at risk now and in the future
  • Recognition, collective bargaining and accredited reps across Fujitsu
  • No victimisation of our reps
  • Transparency and equality on pay and benefits (including compensation for retrospective pension cuts) and for Fujitsu to become an accredited Living Wage employer


There are also updates on other issues including a director’s pay the fight for workers who are paid for Out Of Hours work to get the correct holiday pay, and to restore Information & Consultation rights.

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Jobs, Union Recognition, Pay & Pensions Dispute

In May Unite suspended industrial action after receiving the first part of an offer from the company, following which members held meetings round the country (slides) to discuss next steps. In parallel with this negotiations took place on the second part of the offer, which was to be an update to the existing National Protocol Agreement. This second part of the offer arrived, members held a call to discuss it (slides) and members voted on it.

Voting took place from Friday 4th to Monday 14th August. The result was a 92% vote to reject. Despite the holiday season the turnout was high enough that more than half of all members voted to reject the offer.

A lot has happened since May, including:

  • Offshoring, outsourcing and automation are not going well, causing significant damage to the business e.g. field engineering outsource to CBS, lack of resource for bids and delivery because of the job cuts
  • The redundancy process continues to be a shambles e.g. MIS C&DCS
  • Fujitsu continues to break agreements and individual contracts in its handling of the redundancies
  • The accounts for Fujitsu Services Limited (the main UK employer) have been published, showing the package of the highest paid director rising 13% to £1,635,000
  • UK profits continue to rise, but on a rapidly shrinking order book. Unite’s message from the start is that when a company is trying to sell the wrong things, you can’t fix that by cutting costs to sell the wrong things more cheaply, you need to invest in updating what you sell
  • Confidence in senior management and their plans is low, including amongst managers
  • A number of senior managers have left
  • Redundancies have dragged on longer than many expected. For example, over 200 staff remain “at risk” in Manchester alone.
  • New groups of employees have been put at risk of redundancy
  • There is a clear pattern of attempts to victimise a number of Unite reps, threatening our organisation as well as them individually
  • The number of agency temps and contractors has risen, contrary to standard measures to avoid or reduce redundancies, and wasting money
  • The “standard” pay review has taken place, aiming to spend just 1.07% in August, with many staff getting 0% and the next pay review delayed until October 2018. Unite Manchester and PCS have both reached significantly better pay agreements, showing the benefit of union recognition. In Manchester the August spend is 1.75% with everyone getting something
  • Fujitsu tried (and thankfully failed) to get the reps elected to negotiate the replacement to Fujitsu Voice to agree something worse than the legal default. A key issue was the company’s desire to prevent effective communication between reps and employees. Fujitsu appears to be planning to delay establishing the replacement until near the January 2018 legal deadline
  • Fujitsu didn’t negotiate in good faith between May and July, went back on what it said, and made an offer that was worse than the agreement already in place, trying to stifle communication

Your reps and officers are currently working on campaign plans following members’ overwhelming rejection of the company offer. Please feed in your ideas and suggestions.

The Manchester legal case for national pay and benefits equality information had been on hold pending members’ decision, and will now be resumed.

It remains particularly important that you notify our membership secretary promptly of any changes, for example to your home address or employer, until the dispute is resolved.

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Vote on Fujitsu’s offer

All Unite members employed by Fujitsu Services Limited in the UK will be receiving an email from the union tomorrow asking them to vote on the company offer in relation to the national dispute over jobs, union recognition, pay and pensions.

Please read the information and cast your vote. To count, your vote must be received by Monday 14 August.

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Fujitsu Dispute Update

Although industrial action is suspended, the dispute between Unite members and Fujitsu is still ongoing. Negotiations are continuing for a new National Protocol Agreement which will form a significant part of the offer from Fujitsu that members will be voting on in early August. Until that full offer has been voted upon by members then all industrial action in support of this dispute continues to be suspended.

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Sign the petition – defend the union

Unite members working for Fujitsu Services Limited in the Manchester bargaining unit are balloting for industrial action over compulsory redundancies, victimisation of reps and breaches of agreements. This follows 27 previous days of strike action.

Further information is available here including a downloadable appeal for support leaflet and how to donate to our strike fund.

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